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We have an extensive range of school art supplies suitable for use in the classroom and art room. Browse through our online art supply store, and to make your search easier the art supplies have been grouped in several categories including Drawing, Painting, Inks and Dyes, Art Packs and Books, Protection and Cleaning, Framing and Display. We have great value Classpacks and if you are looking to buy art supplies in bulk, selected products are further discounted when purchased in larger quantities. Our art supplies are good quality, great value and suitable for all kinds of kids artwork. We are always looking for new products to include in our range and if you are unable to find what you are looking for, give us a call or send us a message, we are happy to help! We are located in Brisbane and ship nationwide.

10 Well Palette Round
14% OFF RRP $1.10
Face Painting Cosmetic Sponges

Face Painting Cosmetic Sponges

Now $5.95

On Sale 25% OFF RRP $7.95
Reeves Gouache 18 Colours

Reeves Gouache 18 Colours

Now $17.55

On Sale 36% OFF RRP $27.45
Reeves Metallic Paint  Silver

Reeves Metallic Paint Silver

Now $6.55

On Sale 47% OFF RRP $12.45