July 2020

We're on the move!
We're excited to announce that we are moving our bricks and mortar store to a brand new address that we know you will love. It's more spacious, brighter and will make it easier to find things.
Our new address will be
1/11 Moss Street, Slacks Creek.
This will happen during the first two weeks of August. We will continue at operate at our current address until the move is complete and you can still continue to order from our online store.

Slime Recipe

The quickest and easiest slime recipe EVER! Mix together 125ml PVA glue, 2 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent. Add dye or paint to colour and knead until the slime id the desired consistency. Keep it in an airtight container.! We have everything you need to make slime!

Pipe Cleaner Tortoises

Cute and easy to make these pipe cleaner tortoises are a great way to keep the kids entertained on rainy days. 
Video credit: Skymagenta Craft



Chalk Your Walk



There’s a colorful effort gaining stream to make sure those working the front lines against COVID-19 feel appreciated. Even small things have a big impact. By chalking your neighborhood walk with vibrantly coloured messages of position avity can bring a smile to your local doctors, nurses and emergency workers.


Whether you're teaching, conduct art therapy sessions or have a classroom of children who love to draw, theses specially formulated markers are designed for bright, vivid colours and overall great quality with a versatile tip that draws both thick and thin lines. Markers are longer-lasting and won’t dry out as the tip can be rejuvenated by dipping in room temperature water. Includes 8 Classic colours in washable ink that will wash out of machine washable clothing. Choose from a pack of 8 (1 each of black, red, green orange, brown, yellow, blue and violet) or a classpack of 200 featuring 25 of each colour.

There are around 100 new educational products that have been released on our website since the catalogue was printed. Be sure to explore our online store.

Haven't seen our brand new catalogue yet?

We have copies of our brand new glossy paged 2020/2021 catalogue available to be sent to your office or school. 120-pages of fresh ideas, office stationery and art and craft supplies whether you're primary school teacher, art therapist or crafting addict. Request a copy for your school or workplace today. Email





June 2020

Fresh Inspiration Delivering Soon!

Our new catalogue is out shortly! Jam-packed with fresh, creative ideas, you’ll never run out of ways to keep both the big and the little kids inspired over the coming months. Grab a hard copy in your next order to flip through the pages, or keep an eye on our website for the digital version!

Art Inspiration to tie in with Book Week Theme 2020

Book Week 2020 the theme is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. Turn the classroom in to a farmyard with these inexpensive and easy to assemble masks. Decorate with paint, crayons, markers and collage materials. Pack of 30 includes teacher guide. You can also decorate them with:


















Your Simple Guide To Creating A Reading Corner

What do you think of when we say reading corner? Do you think of bean bags, books, nice lighting and a place to relax?

A good, quiet reading corner is a must-have for every household and classroom, and with Book Week coming up from October 17th to 22nd, there’s never been a better time to create one! Start out with Elizabeth Richards large book tubs to keep all your books neatly organised..Student lap desks make a great stable surface to support reading materials. Decorate the walls with colourful charts on blending consonants or vowels. You can also purchase the Book Week 2020 Book Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. You’ll find plenty of individual and group activities hidden between the pages, with enough ideas to keep your children entertained for Book Week and beyond.


New Product Release - Sensory Cotton Sand

Educational Colours Cotton Sand is a fun and exciting sensory activity for children. The unique sand-like texture can be stretched, squeezed, pinched, pulled apart, moulded and seamlessly re-joined whilst maintaining an even resistance. Bright colours make it appealing for children to create fun artwork. Playing with Cotton Sand is a sensory experience and helps children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making this a great activity for the classroom and home.

  • Large re-usable tubs for easy storage
  • Available in 4 bright colours: Pink, Green, Blue and Orange
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining

Design your own jigsaw puzzle! Blank, white cardboard jigsaws, ready for painting or colouring. 18cm x 22cm.


April 2020


We feel your pain

Whether you are trying to entertain your classroom online or working from home and trying to keep bored, restless kids entertained while practising social distancing, you're going to love what we have in store for you.

SPECIAL OFFER: Our shop is now reopened and we are taking every precaution to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you would prefer to shop online we have reduced our minimum order to $50 for a limited time.

In this newsletter:

  • Chalk Quilting
  • Dreamcatchers for Mother's Day
  • What's hot and COVID-19 Essentials
  • Craft Inspo: Beautiful Butterflies


Crafty fun for the whole family while isolating



Quilting with Chalk

A new kind of rainbow connection is helping people show how much they care for each other, even at a distance.

A Facebook group called Rainbow Trail Australia is inspiring colourful artworks across the nation to "spread some joy during these testing times".

The group was created on March 21 and has gained more than 120,000 members within a fortnight.

Members are encouraged to draw rainbows on streets and footpaths, or to produce other colourful creations, to brighten people's day in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and associated social-distancing rules.

One Instagram mum has switched things up by introducing her daughter to quilting with chalk. What better way to get your kids outside getting some vitamin D and off computer screens.  We have a great range of washable, dustless chalk in all colours of the rainbow as well as masking tape to map our your quilt.


Craft Corner: Dreamcatchers for Mother's Day

These easy to make dreamcatchers are ideal gifts for Mothers Day. They will have fun decorating their Dreamcatcher. Mums will love to receive a beautifully hand made gift from their young ones.

You will need:

You'll also need glue, crayons, pastels, marker pens or maybe some glitter.


COVID-19 Essentials

We've collated our best art and craft supplies to help homeschooling mums keep their young ones busy with inexpensive activities that are both educational and fun
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What's New

Elizabeth Richards Book Tubs
Large plastic Book Tub. Twice the width of of the original tubs. Perfect for displaying your books with the cover facing forward.

Right now we have 7 vibrant colours in stock.. They will sell out fast. Be quick!

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Beautiful Butterflies
















These beautifully decorated butterflies are easy to do.  Use your imagination to create lots of different looks. These ones have used buttons as their individual designs, however, you could use stick-on coloured dots, small pom poms, glitter paint, the ideas are endless.  If you don’t want to paint your tubes, use some of your colours.

You'll need: