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Wednesday 23rd July 2014

The website is going nicely - plenty of hits and favourable comments, which is really gratifying. Also some really useful feedback on how to make things even better, which we have taken on board.

Orders are coming in and the ordering and fulfillment process seems to be working well too - so we are very pleased about that as well.

A special thank you to Nadine Fogarty - Art Teacher at Gowrie State School (near Toowoomba) for placing the very first order on the site - we did a little happy dance when that came in!!

Thank you all for your support and assistance with the site - everything is progressing nicely so far!!


Friday 18th July 2014

So far so good - plenty of compliments about the new site and several customers having a good look around and exploring its possibilities.

We've modified a couple of things behind the scenes so please keep your feedback coming and we can get things how you'd like them.

Thanks for your support - have a great weekend.


Thursday 17th July 2014

Day 1 of our new website and we're very excited!!

We've tested things pretty well but it would be very unusual if some little bug or another didn't creep through. If you are having any problems using the site in any way, please try the help guides at the bottom of the page but if that doesn't help please give us a call on 07 3217-0088 or send an email to admin@speedyschoolsupplies.com.au We're here to help you and we want to get the bugs out of the way as soon as we can, so please bear with us while we iron out any teething problems.

We'll keep you updated on this blog page for any changes or improvements we make or any tips other users pass on to make using the site even easier. Like all new sites though, things will look a bit different at first but once you get the hang of the way it works we're sure you will be ok.

We are also very keen to hear what you think about the site - we want to know what you think about the layout, the colours, the features and the options you see on the site.......everything really. Tell us what you like and what you don't. Tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly. We are determined to make using the site as easy, as efficient and as pleasant as possible - so let us know how we could do things differently or better and if we can incorporate your suggestions, we will!

Thank you for your support!

Here goes.........


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