Heat & Cold Treatments

Hot & Cold Treatments



AerCool Hot & Cold Packs, Instant Ice Packs and Cold Sprays offer all you need for effective hot and cold treatments.

The advantages of hot and cold treatments are well known and respected in the first aid, medical and physiotherapy world. Speedy School Supplies provides a comprehensive range of the most commonly required products including single use and reusable products.

Hot Treatments are used for temporary pain relief of aching muscles and joints.

Cold Treatments are used to help reduce swelling after an injury, cool down a temperature, ease headaches and toothaches or relieve minor burns.

Cold Sprays - 150ml

Cold Sprays - 150ml


19% OFF RRP $14.60
Hot & Cold Pack - Reusable

Hot & Cold Pack - Reusable


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Instant Ice Packs 240g - 23.5 x 12cm
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Thermal Emergency Blanket - For Treatment of Hypothermia and or Shock
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