How to use the Product Page

This page shows you how to select and view specific details about products that have come from a product search.

When you have arrived at the product page of the item that you wish to view, you may find that there are no further options for that product or that you have a few more options to select if you wish to get the right colour or size for example. If there are no furher options you can simply select that product into your shopping cart.

If there are further options (colour, size etc) you need to select these next.

Let's say that we have navigated to a product page for one of the paints on the site - Splash Acrylic Paint (product code 1200).

When you open this product page you will see that this product comes in a range of colours and in a range of sizes. You will need to select the colour you wish to view/order by clicking on the colour swatch just below the pricing and to the right of the image under the heading "Select Options Below". Lets say we choose Pink. Click on the small pink square (the name pink will appear as you hover) on the colour swatch and the image on the right will change to an image of the pink bottle of paint (if the image is available - as it is in this case).

Next you need to choose the size bottle of pink you require. Underneath the colour options are the size options. This is a simple drop-down menu where you click on the little down arrow to display the sizing options available (in this case for the colour pink) and then select one of the sizes offered, which in this example is either 2L or 5L. Let's select the 5L bottle by clicking on the 5L in the drop down box. When you do this the page refreshes and a new image appears of the 5L bottle and the pricing also changes to show the price of this particular colour and size.

You can move your mouse across the image and it will zoom right in to give you a blown-up view of the product, or if you want a larger view of the whole image, simply click on the picture and a new larger window will open. If there are several images of the product - you can scroll through them all here.

If you scroll down the page a little you will find a written description about the product and any other details about it which have been recorded on the system.

Scroll further down and you will find other products that are related or supplementary to this product.

 We hope this information  was helpful to you.

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