Elizabeth Richards, help educators create beautiful learning spaces for all children and value the diversity they bring to the learning process. Elizaberh Richards strongly believe that classrooms should be inspiring, flexible, and inclusive of all children's needs.

While Elizabeth Richards focus is on classrooms for the future, they believe that traditional teaching and learning styles can work together with their flexible approach to create positive learning spaces for the 21st Century.

Innovative Plastic Book Tubs, Connector Tubs, Lap Desks, and Tote Trays, are designed in Australia and from 2022 – 100% Australian made! These classroom storage solutions meet the ever-changing needs of diverse Australian classrooms and schools.

Flexible seating for positive learning outcomes, Safe Sensory Resources, Elizabeth Richards Teacher Diary is one of the most popular resources!

So take a look through our website and find some bright ideas for your classroom or home!