How to Filter a Search

This page explains how to refine your search results by using a filter.

When you arrive at the product selection page (not the actual product page) after you have navigated there by one or another search method, you will see some Filters to the left side of the page. The use of these filters is completely optional but you can use them to fine-tune your product selection if you want. You can use these filters to chose products based on a variety of different characteristics, for example price, colour or pack size etc.

To use the filters simply click on the filter you want to use - let's say price in this case. Whichever level you are at click on the filter by price option on the left of the page and a series of price bands will be displayed. You can choose the band or bands which suit your budget and then only the products which meet this pricing filter will be displayed.

Of course, if you want to view all products in your search simply leave all filters turned off.

 We hope this information  was helpful to you.

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