How to use the Shopping Cart

This page shows you how to add a product to your Shopping Cart and produce a Quote if required.

Adding a Product to your Shopping Cart

Once you have reviewed everything about the product on the product page you will then either navigate elsewhere or exit, add the product to a wishlist to be finalized at a later date or you will add it to your shopping cart to be ordered or quoted now. To order this product now you just need to enter the quantity that you would like to buy in the box to the left of the red 'Add to Cart" box and then click on the Add to Cart box itself.

When you do this - the product is added to your cart and a pop-up window appears. This confirms the item you just selected and ask what you would like to do next.

  • If you want to keep browsing or want to order more items click the 'Continue Shopping" box
  • If you want to have a look at all of the items that you have added into your shopping cart click the "View My Cart" box - which opens up another window showing you everything that you have put in the cart,
  • Or if you want to finalize your order and get a Quote or check-out click on the red "Checkout Now" box - in which case the Shopping Cart page opens and you can complete your order. (See below)
  • When you are satisfied that you have added everything for your order into the Shopping Cart and your order is complete, it is time to review the cart, make any last-minute adjustments and then either turn your cart into a Quote or checkout.

Create a Quote or CheckOut

You can click on the "My Cart" box at the top right hand corner of the page and everything in your cart is dipslayed for your final review. Here you can adjust quantities up or down or delete items altogether,  you can resume shopping if you wish or you can create a Quote to be printed or emailed to yourself or another person for approval. The Quote will stay on your registered user account for 7 days before it will lapse and need to be renewed. 

When the quote is approved or all of the products are ok and you want to finalize the order immediately, you can click on the Red "Checkout Now" box and the CheckOut process will commence.

We hope this information was helpful to you.

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