Tintex Low Temperature Dye 120g

Golden Yellow

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Tintex Low Temperature Dye

Tintex Low Temperature Dye is recommended as a colourant for cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, hemp and their blends. Low Temperature Dyes are the best dyes to use for “Tie Dyeing” and safest for use if dyeing with children or when the fabric cannot withstand high temperatures. Tintex Low Temperature Dye is a water soluble dyestuff that requires a Setting Agent (Soda Ash) to obtain cohesion to fabric. All of the standard colours are interblendable with each other creating an infinite palate.

  • The 120g jar contains: 100g dye and 20g setting agent – enough to colour 1kg of dry weight fabric. Instructions included.

Tintex low temperature dye (no boiling required) is recommended for cotton, linen, calico, viscose rayon, hemp and their blends. It will also colour wood, paper, buttons, zips, and dried flowers. It is ideal for tie-dyeing and batik dyeing. 


Colours Available: Black, Light Green, Emerald, Magenta, Pink, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Violet, Golden Yellow, Lemon & Pastel Yellow (if you rquire another colour from the colour chart please let us know & we can order for you)





Low Temp dyes are a Fibre Reactive Dye specially formulated to achieve vibrant, permanent colours on Cellulose fibres using cold or warm water, not hot. Cotton Linen, Viscose Rayon, Hemp and Tencil give excellent results. Lighter tones may be achieved on Wool and Silk, but better results on these fabrics will always be obtained with High Temp Dyes.

TINTEX Low Temp Fabric Dye containers come complete with the “fixing agent” – Soda Ash, included.

Low Temp Dyes are ideal for use when “Tie Dyeing”, Low Water Immersion Dyeing” and “Dip Dyeing”




  • Use a Plastic, Glass, Enamel, or Stainless-Steel container not Aluminium or Iron
  • Wear Rubber or PVC gloves. 
  • Follow fabric preparation recommendations contained in the simple hints section
  • For Low Temp Fabric Dyeing, fill the container with sufficient warm water to cover the fabric and allow easy movement during dyeing
  • Dissolve 125g (250g for darker colours) cooking salt in the dye bath, adding gradually, and stir until all salt is dissolved. Any undissolved salt will sink to the bottom of the container. Patchy colour will result when the fabric makes contact with the salt layer
  • Dissolve contents of both sachets in a suitable small container with 500ml of hot water. Stir well
  • Filter this solution into the dye vessel and stir well
  • Place damp fabric loosely into the dye solution. Dye for one hour (up to three hours for darker colours). Stir for the first 10 minutes, lifting material out of the dye bath to prevent folds forming. Stir material in the solution at regular intervals after this, keeping fabric submerged but do not allow material to become tangled as this could create a shade variation similar to “tie-dyeing”
  • Remove garment from the dye bath and allow to drain for 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing. This helps the dye to set
  • Rinse fabric in cold water until water runs clear
  • Dry away from direct heat and sunlight
  • Wash garment separately for first couple of washes to remove excess dye



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